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These may be covered or may not covered (exposing a gap) with your coverage

  • by secure_home
  • Posted on 19 August, 2019

Pothole coverage: Damage to your car from potholes can be covered if you have collision coverage because hitting a pothole is considered a collision. Just make sure you opted for collision coverage in your policy since it is not always required. Generally, normal wear and tear are not covered in your auto insurance.

Damage from rodents: If you have comprehensive auto insurance, you could be covered if a chipmunk chews on your car’s electrical system.

Vandalism or riot: If your home is damaged by fire or vandalism in a riot, it’s usually covered. Comprehensive auto coverage takes care of damages sustained by your car during a riot.

Spoiled groceries from a storm: Some homeowner policies cover the cost of spoiled food if a storm knocks out power and your refrigerator shuts down. The coverage will reimburse you for the spoiled groceries if the power outage originates off your property.

To ensure you have the most comprehensive coverage at the best rates have the Secure Insurance Agency run you a quote to make sure you’re covered from all gaps.


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